Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area Plan of Management

The park is located approximately 5 kilometres north of Lithgow and 140 kilometres west of Sydney at the junction of the Great Dividing Range and the Blue Mountains Range in the NSW Central Tablelands region. It adjoins Blue Mountains National Park to the east and Wollemi National Park and Gardens of Stone National Park to the north.

Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area is an area of outstanding natural and cultural value, protecting ancient sandstone pagodas, rich eucalypt forests, an array of threatened species and important cultural heritage.

The NSW government is making an unprecedented investment in our National Parks including record amounts earmarked for hard top accommodation. The government believes the reserve will become a major destination for visitors that supports the economy of the Lithgow region.

The Minister has now adopted the final Plan of Management (PoM) for the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area. Read the summary of issues document that the final PoM is basically unchanged from the draft.

Regrettably, the high impact activities planned for the Lost City precinct will proceed and it looks like the multi-day walk will include private built accommodation for commercial trips. Possibly in the World Heritage Area of Wollemi National Park.

Find out more via the project website.