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A Map of Threats to Australia’s Wild Heart

Imagine the hushed murmur of ancient forests, the sun dappling a pristine alpine meadow, the salty spray of waves crashing against untouched shores. These are the breathtaking jewels of Australia’s wild heart, our national parks and wilderness areas, sanctuaries where nature reigns supreme. But beneath this idyllic facade, shadows stir. Proposed development projects threaten to carve scars into these irreplaceable landscapes, eroding their very essence.

This map isn’t a mere cartography; it’s a battleground where the fate of our wilderness hangs in the balance. Each marker pinpoints a proposed development, from luxury lodges nestled within fragile ecosystems to sprawling infrastructure cleaving through pristine landscapes. Some of these threats demand immediate action, others whisper insidious warnings, but all require your attention.

This isn’t a story of despair, but a call to arms. Each pin on this map represents an opportunity for collective action, a chance to raise your voice and shield these irreplaceable spaces for future generations. With every petition signed, every letter sent, every conversation sparked, we build a wall of resistance against encroachment. Remember, vigilance and action are our strongest weapons.

Explore this map, identify the developments that ignite your concern, and join the fight to keep it wild. Together, we can turn the tide in favor of nature’s resilience, ensuring that the untamed spirit of Australia’s wilderness endures for generations to come.

Take a stand, lend your voice, and Keep it Wild!

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