Submission opposing the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

On 09 December 2020, Keep It Wild sent a letter to the following parties, calling for a halt to the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (FHAC) development.

This submission raised a number of objections relating to:

  1. The National Parks Act 1975 Preamble
  2. the NATIONAL PARKS ACT 1975 – SECT 21C: Protection of remote and natural areas.
  3. Government policy that tourism development will be encouraged to be sited on private or other public land outside national parks
  4. That the development is opposed by most stakeholders
  5. The effect of the FHAC as described in the Management Plan is in opposition to government (ALP) values around social equity
  6. The likelihood that $34M of taxpayer dollars will be wasted due to poor economic analysis in the Master Plan
  7. The FHAC as currently proposed will have a major detrimental environmental impact on sensitive areas within the Alpine National Park.

The full submission can be accessed below.