Submission opposing the Cooloola Great Walk

On 03 July 2022, Keep It Wild sent a formal objection to the Hon Stirling Hinchcliffe, Minister for Tourism and the Hon Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for the Environment asking that the Queensland government cease the proposed commercial development of the Cooloola Great Walk and that any commercial developments always occur outside of National parks.

National polling confirms that Australians do not want to see prime protected areas like National Parks compromised by commercial or large–scale development. Research undertaken by National Parks Australia Council, a coalition of state–based conservation groups, shows just how protective Australians are of our national parks and reserves.

Recent disputes over Kosciuszko National Park Special Development Precincts, the Beowa National Park Light to Light Walk in NSW, Lake Malbena in Tasmania, Warburton/Yarra Ranges National Park Bike Track in Victoria, Australian Walking Company’s private, luxury accommodation in Flinders Chase National Park, South Australia, and the Wangetti trail in Queensland, which is under development, have raised community concern that Federal and State governments are undermining the integrity of national parks.

When Australians were asked why national parks and conservation areas were important to them, protection of nature, saving threatened species, and quiet enjoyment of nature topped the list.

Keep It Wild agrees with ‘Protect Our Parks’ that:

  • The State Government is failing to consult with the Queensland public
  • The State Government is falsely claiming that it has consulted
  • The site selections impose damage and risk upon significant sites and public values within the National Park
  • No public control upon expansion or operational impact
  • No cost or revenue schedules exist to provide even minimal account of cost/benefit return to the public interest
  • The Poona Lake site is totally unacceptable for development of any kind
  • The Double Island Point site is totally unacceptable for development of any kind
  • The Noosa River site is totally unacceptable for development of any kind

The full submission can be accessed below.