In Australia, we are fortunate to have a host of organisations, driven by people like you and I, who are passionate about our wilderness and its protection. I have provided links below to organisations with a focus on helping to save endangered wildlife, natural habitats, our wilderness and communities around the world. Please offer your support. Whether it’s a financial contribution, signing a petition, taking action on the ground or sharing messages with friends and family via social media, your time, actions and generosity will make a difference.

Together, anything is possible, so get involved, Keep It Wild and protect the places we love, today! 

Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage Australia is a national not-for-profit conservation organisation committed to returning Australia’s bush to good health.

Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales

As the state’s leading environmental advocacy organisation, it is our mission to protect nature in NSW and create the conditions it needs to thrive. For more than 60 years, we have been at the centre of the state’s most important conservation battles and have notched up countless wins for wildlife, bushland, marine life, and local communities. We run campaigns, mobilise communities, and advocate passionately for the protection of our unique wildlife and bushland. We also play a leading role in fire policy, education, and ecology through our Healthy Ecosystems Program.

Nature Conservation Society of South Australia

The Nature Conservation Society of South Australia is a voluntary body with members drawn from all parts of the State and all walks of life. The Society’s primary objective is to foster the conservation of the State’s wildlife and natural habitats.

Nature Conservation Society of South Australia

The Nature Conservation Society of South Australia is a voluntary body with members drawn from all parts of the State and all walks of life. The Society’s primary objective is to foster the conservation of the State’s wildlife and natural habitats.

National Parks Association of the ACT

The National Parks Association of the ACT started in 1960 with the prime objective of establishing a National Park for the National Capital. Twenty four years later, in 1984, this goal was achieved when Namadgi National Park was proclaimed. Today, the Association works to promote national parks, their good management, and the protection of our fauna and flora, scenery, natural features and cultural heritage. We do this by lobbying, education and by hands-on work parties.

Tasmanian National Parks Association

The Tasmanian National Parks Association (TNPA) is a non-profit, non-government organisation committed to the protection of Tasmania’s national parks and reserved lands. We reinforce public values, concerns and criticisms to policy makers and managers, while promoting conservation awareness. We aim to give park users a voice and involve the community in matters affecting these important and invaluable areas.

National Parks Association of QLD

The National Parks Association of Queensland (NPAQ) promotes the preservation, expansion and good management of national parks and other forms of protected areas in Queensland. Established in 1930, NPAQ has played a pivotal role in the creation of many national parks in Queensland, including iconic parks such as Girraween National Park.

National Parks Association of NSW

National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) has been established as a conservation organisation for 60 years. NPA has played a role in the establishment of many of NSW’s national parks and nature reserves. Today there are 877 protected areas covering 7 million hectares on the land (9% of the State) and 66,000 ha of marine waters (6.5% of the coast), far exceeding the goals of our founders. NSW is one of the most environmentally diverse areas on earth and we work hard to ensure it remains this way.

Victorian National Parks Association

The Victorian National Parks Association has been at the forefront of nature conservation campaigns for more than 65 years, with outstanding results. In 1952, when the VNPA was formed, Victoria had just 13 national parks, covering a bit over 100,000 hectares, and no National Parks Act. Today, largely due to our efforts, we now have 45 national parks, 26 state parks, 13 marine national parks, 11 marine sanctuaries and numerous other parks protected under the 1975 National Parks Act. Here are some of the more notable campaign outcomes.

The Bob Brown Foundation

The Bob Brown Foundation is all about action with a vision to protect Australia’s wild and scenic natural places of ecological and global significance.

The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society is powered by over 30,000 Australians from all walks of life. We work to support the living world that makes all life possible. (Including our own.) The Wilderness Society began in 1976 — a meeting of just 16 people in the home of Tasmanian GP, Dr Bob Brown. The passionate campaign that emerged to save the Franklin River rocked the political orthodoxy and defined a generation. Together, we’re taking on transnational corporations, rogue operators, and the armies of lobbyists and politicians who defend them. From the corridors of Canberra to the streets of your town, we’re here to change the system.

WWF Australia

WWF has a long and proud history. We’ve been a leading voice for nature for more than half a century, working in 100 countries on six continents with the help of over five million supporters.

Environmental Justice Australia

Environmental Justice Australia is the environment’s legal team. We use our technical expertise and practical understanding of the legal system to protect nature and defend the rights of communities to a healthy environment. We are a not-for-profit legal practice. We are lawyers and legal advisers to environment and community groups, providing strategic and legal advice to support campaigns for positive social change. We are donor-funded, supporter-driven, independent of government and reliant on the backing of the community.