Say NO to commercial development

The State Government plans to lease five sites within Cooloola, Great Sandy National Park to a private developer for construction and operation of luxury accommodation units. These five sites sites are marked by red triangles on the adjacent map.

Each individual site lease would occupy up to 5000m2, and include accommodation, covered dining, cooking and bathroom facilities, along with power generators. The sites will be serviced daily in accordance with bookings. This requires additional roadways to be developed and maintained within the National Park at public expense.

Development and operation of these sites and roadways would disturb and damage highly significant and sensitive features within the Park.

The privilege of enjoying this invasive luxury will cost approximately $600-$1000 per night.

The Cooloola Great Walk ecotourism project proposes the construction of five new eco-accommodation camps, containing eco-accommodation and communal spaces along the Walk. These facilities will service both self guided and commercial guided tours along the Cooloola Great Walk.

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